Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Grab Bar

How much weight will a Bridge Medical Portable Grab hold?

What makes Bridge Medical Portable Grab Bars the best?

I’ve noticed that your rubber pads seem thicker and stronger than some other suction handles I’ve seen being sold in some catalogs. How are they different?

Where can I use a Portable Grab Bar?

What is the diameter of the suction pad?

Will the suction damage my shower surround?

Will these Portable Grab Bars work on tile?

Can I use these Portable Grab Bars on drywall or wallpaper?

How long will the suction hold?

Can these Portable Grab Bars get wet?

Will these Portable Grab Bars work underwater?

What is the length of the actual hand hold area on your Portable Grab Bars?

Where can I buy your Portable Grab Bars?