About Us

Deep Roots

Bridge Medical is the industry leader in Portable Grab Bar technology and innovation - but we had help along the way. We trace our roots back to 1996 when our spiritual founder suffered a paralyzing stroke that left him unstable both in movement and confidence.

Through his personal experience with existing medical equipment at the time, he foresaw the burgeoning need for reliable, sturdy, and portable home medical devices. Specifically, he needed a Portable Grab Bar that could go with him in his travels, be removed and replaced at his will and most importantly, also work in his shower at home.

Personal Need Turns to Business Opportunity

After months of research, he discovered a new, relatively unknown product and began distributing the first generation of portable grab bars. This distributorship, small at the time, blossomed into a self-sustaining and successful business that had just begun cracking the surface. The industry was in its infancy and the solution had not yet touched most of the population. So the writing was on the wall: There had to be a much better way. Better looks. Stronger Rubber. Telescoping Handles. Pivoting Heads. More options. Better Safety. More Freedom!

Enter Bridge Medical

Bridge Medical, with humble roots and grand visions, formed in 2005 with the sole mission to design, develop, and Manufacturer innovative and technologically advanced Portable Grab Bars. Their mission was simple – develop products that are not only useful, but designed with the wants and needs of a discerning customer that appreciates good form as much as good function.

Our Mission Will Never Change

At Bridge Medical, we’ve dedicated our lives to creating products that make our customer’s lives more independent, safe, and accessible. Our customers’ safety is our #1 goal, and we strive every day to insure that our products are of the highest quality and perform to the highest standards.

To this end, our product engineers continue to dream up “The Better Way” and to develop products that offer portable safety solutions. Our customer's happiness, safety and complete satisfaction drives us every day to continue to create new and innovative products that add value and improve the quality of life for those that use them.

We look forward to fulfilling that mission for you.